About Our Firm

The Statue of Justice - lady justice or Iustitia, Justitia the Roman goddess of Justice.

You deserve a lawyer who will put you first. Who will make your problem theirs, and then help you solve it. Who will make your fight theirs, and then help you win it. When we founded Belcher Sykes Harrington, PLLC, each of us were experienced attorneys who had practiced at other firms. We knew that we wanted a small firm that was accessible and responsive to our clients, but that was capable of tackling any issue and going toe to toe with any opponent. We knew that we wanted to represent individuals and businesses dealing with sophisticated legal questions. And finally, we knew that we wanted to build a firm around our three core practice areas of litigation/dispute resolution, estate planning/transactional, and administrative/regulatory. We take great pride in our firm and in the top notch team of paralegals, associates, and “of counsel” attorneys that has helped us build it. Our practice areas complement each other, allowing us to give full service to our clients, helping them not only to address the problem right in front of them, but to anticipate what might lie waiting around the corner. We find our deepest satisfaction in a case won, a business problem solved, an estate plan prepared, peace of mind delivered. We are honored that our clients have trusted us to be the ones advocating for them in court, advising them through their thorniest legal dilemmas, and helping them plan at key moments in their lives and in the lives of their businesses.

- John, Elizabeth and Curtis